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The Sunshine Blogger Award


Because Simoa loves me (or wants me to stick to my commitment of actually writing regularly on this blog) she has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and given me 11 questions to answer ♥

Favorite film you’ve watched on a plane?

I have never watched a film on a plane. Granted, I’ve only flown twice in my life. Once in the sixth grade to Washington D.C. and I’m not sure if in-flight movies were really the norm yet unless it was like a fancy long flight? But on the way back from DisneyWorld a couple of years back another passenger was taking advantage of the free wifi and free streaming on their laptop to watch HGTV so I lowkey watched House Hunters over their shoulder haha. All I got.

Favorite film with mythological creatures?

Since nobody can convince me dragons didn’t exist, thus making How To Train Your Dragon a historical documentary, I’m going with The Lord of the Rings – especially The Two Towers which is my favorite in the trilogy (The Hobbit is not a trilogy that exists in my mind, thanks for asking). Shout out to The Little Mermaid and anything with Santa Claus and Christmas mythos and you know what. This is a hard question. Films with mythological creatures/figures >>>>>>>>

Favorite place to watch movies?

This is a weird answer… but I don’t think I’ve found my ultimate favorite place to watch movies yet. At the present time I would say a Drive-In Theater.

But I do have a sort of over the top fantasy of an indulgent home theater set up with not just theater seating, but lots of comfortable lounging space and a huge projection screen on the whole wall so I can watch everything from the blockbusters to classic films in the glory they deserve and like… I feel like if I ever had that I’d have my favorite place to watch you know what I’m saying? My own backyard set up with like a projection screen for outdoor film watching under the stars with family and friends in the summer is my other dream. THAT would probably be my favorite place. Kickstarter fund anybody?

Favorite genre?

I don’t know if I have one specifically – I mean I like fantasy which is what a lot of what I’d classify animated films under or Christmas movies or even comic movies. But I’d say I’m more into Romantic Comedy as a genre. Because to me it eclipses so many of my favorite films, or my go-to films for feeling good. There’s the screwball comedies or less screwy romantic comedies of Old Hollywood that I adore. And then there’s the 90s and early 2000 films in this category that I adore.

While Runaway Bride is about falling in love and such, Maggie had a great and unique message for girls: you’ll never be happy if you morph yourself for the sake of being in a relationship. She’s unhappy and frightened because she lets her need to be in a relationship trump her need to establish her own identity first. When she realizes it and goes and finds out who she is, she’s able to take stock of what she really wants, from herself and from Ike.

And like I’m constantly sad that you don’t get legitimate romantic comedies anymore. You have two choices if you want that genre now: overly raunchy rated R romantic comedies (or the random PG-13 one straddling the R rating) or really badly done Hallmark movies that don’t typically have the same empowering and nuanced female characters that you get in movies like Runaway Bride, The Wedding Planner, Sleepless In Seattle, etc. (I guess there’s also teen comedies that focus on romance, but I’m a woman and want to watch other women, and men?) Having grown up through the height of romantic comedies (or the renaissance of them, I suppose) I really feel sad for a lot of girls who will never grow up with movies like that to make them feel good. Because even when they’re focused on romance or falling in love so many of those female characters are better written and more multifaceted than the ones we get in movies today (that we have to fight for at all). And I feel like the death of the romantic comedy in recent years in general is a sign of how Hollywood seems to be regressing and really don’t want women in the spotlight if they can’t even give us a feel good comedy with a woman as the main focus.

I just… don’t understand it. It’s not like females are getting better representation anywhere else like in fantasy films or action films, films where Mystique with her nuanced struggle between right and wrong and self vs. others is still the exception and Natasha Romanoff with her being passed from male character to male character and crying about how she’s a monster because she can’t be what those male characters deserve (aka domestic) continues to be the norm.

Is there an actor/actress you didn’t love immediately but now do?

Hmm. I tend to be very consistent. When I don’t love an actor/actress they have to do a lot to convince me otherwise. And if they convince me, it’s usually only that I appreciate them more and don’t really love them like a fave or anything – Audrey Hepburn is an example of this case. I’m seriously drawing a blank? I don’t really know of any actors or actresses I love that I didn’t at first? Lots of actors and actresses I didn’t like and now look forward to seeing their performance if it makes sense for a film (Ellen Page and Emma Stone come to mind of current actresses, and Emma is more of a I think she’s just really really pretty so her acting is a bonus), but I really don’t know.

Is there a film you’d recast? Which actors would you choose?

Recast or remake with a new cast? Or is that the same thing? Oh well in recent history I’d probably recast some of the Justice League/DC films lineup.

I wouldn’t mind nixing Batfleck for Garrett Hedlund as Batman so he’d be more on par with Henry age wise (and they’d be beautiful together). I also think Hedlund could do the serious thing and also an understated playboy thing – not to the max like Bale, ugh please not again, but a tad more natural and truly suave/flirtatious than Affleck.

I like Henry as Supes for the most part, buttttt the writing needs to change. He’s too serious. Supergirl Season 2 premiere with Hoechlin as Superman proved what the Snyder films are missing with him. Supes needs to smile and not be so angsty. Yes, he gets angsty in the comics and DCAU, but it was all SO over the top in both MoS and BvS. And he doesn’t even talk in BvS so that’s… I’d give Cavill a chance with a good script before changing my opinion. If still no good, I’m moving to Richard Madden… who I’d actually prefer more than Cavill anyhow since I think he has the eyes and smile I always imagine for Supes – and he does the nuanced vulnerability thing well with his acting that I think would breathe life into the man of steel. (You know if he could throw off the accent well enough.)

Keep Gal as Wonder Woman because she’s beautiful. And other than Batfleck lowkey flirting with Clark Kent for five seconds, she was the sole redeeming factor of BvS.

Ezra Miller needs to go. Like he’s okay. I guess. But… I just still don’t understand why they clearly are trying to recreate the television series without adding the series to the canon. Do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to differentiate them. It just feels like The Flash is going to be the oddball out of the franchise with Snyder making all the other films dark and then having Lord and Miller on The Flash…

Give us a good Green Lantern. If you can’t sacrifice Batfleck (and he was okay for like, aged and more reclusive/withdrawing from reality Bruce I won’t lie), then make Hedlund Hal Jordan. Because he can literally run the gambit with his acting, in my opinion, and be an excellent Hal. Or, you know, diversify your cast a little bit more and give us John Stewart… but sadly Marvel already has Mike Colter who would be a perfect Stewart in my opinion.

Lex. I mean. Lex. Eisenberg was obviously never going to bring a straight man Lex to the table. And that was just a huge mistake. You could have still made him young and obviously you need to keep the obsession. But the arc has always been that he’s a powerful business man who practically lusts over Superman and hates himself for it so projects that hate while simultaneously being genuinely afraid of him and jealous of him. He’s such a complex villain and Eisenberg only brings crazy. I don’t see his Lex ever creating a Legion of Doom. I don’t know who should have been cast instead, but at least somebody aged somewhere between Cavill and Affleck and more visually commanding. I’ve seen Simon Baker suggested a few times, and honestly I can get behind that.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane though… if I could have only one of these characters recast… I’d nix her so fast it would make everyone’s head spin at once. It’s not even the fact that she’s clearly cougar!Lois if you take her and Henry’s respective ages into consideration. And serious kudos to them for bucking the trend and hiring the leading female as older than the leading male and playing it straight. BUT SHE’S SO BAD AS LOIS LANE. I don’t even blame the script because Amy Adams, outside of like a couple of roles she’s been in, is a pretty one note actress and her idea of dramatic acting is delivering each line in monotone. She’s also got a very pretentious air about her in her acting. And none of that is Lois Lane. I need somebody just a little rougher around the edges, but I’m drawing a blank at who might fit that. I think an unknown would be nice.

Do you prefer watching movies by yourself or with others?

Depends on the movie. Sometimes I like watching a movie by myself first to react and then with someone else later or because I just want to really focus in on every little detail of the movie without distraction. And then sometimes I want the full experience so I can react in real time with others – especially in the case of new releases on opening night. That’s always fun.

Your favorite wardrobe designer?

Not sure I have a single favorite, but since I grew up with Ginger Rogers films and like when someone says wardrobe, I immediately think Irene Lentz.


I could go on for days about how influential her work was and how it continues to impact wardrobe and fashion today. I know a lot of people go EDITH! And that’s perfectly valid as she was such an icon who also dressed icons at the time of Hollywood where things were changing (e.g. instead of Gingers and Myrnas you had Audreys and Natalies). But Irene contributed a whole lot too!

Which object in a Disney/Pixar film would you most like to own? (i.e. stuff like Cinderella’s slipper, the Beast’s magic mirror)

Random but… Ever since I was about 3 or 4 I’ve wanted to own the ballerina toy that Flaversham builds for his daughter Olivia in The Great Mouse Detective. I still would love to have it because every time I see the opening scene of the movie it takes me straight back to being a little kid, loving the movie and being so enthralled by the ballerina toy haha.

An animated character that inspires you?

Just one? I’m so inspired by so many animated characters that it’s maybe just a tad bit embarrassing, but not really because animated films are filled to the brim with wonderfully written characters.


But I’m going with my long time girl Ariel.

I feel like some characters stop inspiring you in the same way as they did at one time because you change and adapt (even if they’ll always be a favorite; you don’t have to be inspired by/relate to a character for them to be a favorite after all). With Ariel, I feel like that’s never been the case. She occupies my heart so much that I’m always finding something about her that inspires me.

And I feel like right now in my life I’m latching onto her even more than before. From early on in my life Ariel has spoken to me with her enthusiasm, her curiosity, her low key obsessive behavior, and her desire for something beyond what she currently has. I feel like I’ve always had more of a headstrong, free spirited personality that needs room to breathe (I mean, all of us deserve room to breathe of course) and so I’ve always been drawn to Ariel as a character for that reason. But Ariel inspires me in that where I’ve taken so long to start saying, ‘you know what, maybe this authoritarianism over my life isn’t okay’ she demanded her right to make mistakes and just be herself.

Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s reckless and it’s hard to reconcile her age with what we think of as being an adult in American terms (although it is elsewhere and was throughout history) so I understand those criticisms. But at the same time what you really see here is a picture of a girl whose parent obviously loves her, but it to me it’s understandable if for her it feels extremely conditional.

Furthermore the boundaries Triton puts up to protect her are based on fear and hate, which is hard for Ariel whose a bit of a bleeding heart with a touch of naivete. She doesn’t see things through those lenses and I admire her for that. She inspires me because I’m the same, only because I was raised to fear and loathe and hate the world in the name of love I turned that fear and loathing inward against myself instead of toward the people I inherently didn’t want to hate (not to say I don’t have a healthy amount of disgust and distrust for the truly vile things people are capable of in this world!).

Ariel just really inspires me to be myself and stand up for myself. But she also inspires me in that she manages to reconcile with Triton and she never really stops loving him, or he her, and that’s something I hope for in my own life.

Films you’re looking forward to?

Well.Since I’ve checked out from the MCU and no longer have those films to look forward to it’s really changed my movie anticipation over the past year and a half. Currently the only two films really on my radar are:


  • La La Land  – okay so Emma as a redhead in that yellow dress!! I’ve joked constantly that I’m only physically attracted to people when there is red hair or yellow clothing involved… so I’m obligated to watch this film even if I haven’t already been dying to see the return of a technicolor musical comedy-drama in our modern times! I want this to revive the genre so badly! (And it being a romantic comedy-drama! Like what was I just saying above?) I have some reservations in that I still don’t understand the need to put young women with older men like they did back in the day and I know there are always shady things behind the scenes, things I’d rather not support (the whole artist vs. art thing), but I’m really looking forward to this movie.


  • The Lego Batman Movie. Because YES. Already there are Batdad and Robin jokes. And there’s a quick tease of the whole Justice League so I really hope we get some epic Batman and Superman jokes in there too (especially since this is coming after BvS). Green Lantern and Flash jokes would also be welcome   🙂

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